Advancing Hydrogen Power Generation: How PFES Project Management Expertise Enabled Collaborative Innovation in Tri-Gen Production

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Hydrogen power generation holds immense promise as a clean and sustainable energy solution. Recently, PFES provided strategic project management consulting that enabled the collaboration between a leading provider of stationary fuel cells and a major automotive manufacturer – all leading to the development of the world's first tri-gen production system.

This allowed the automotive manufacturer’s port vehicle processing facility to be powered by onsite-generated, 100 percent renewable energy by combining hydrogen fuel cell technology with renewable biogas to produce electricity, hydrogen, and heat simultaneously.  

Client Profile

PFES’ client was a small company that provides stationary fuel cell power plants, offering clean and sustainable energy solutions across various industries. With a focus on innovation and environmental stewardship, the client collaborates with utilities, industrial and commercial entities, transportation companies, and microgrid operators to deliver reliable, cost-effective, and environmentally friendly power generation solutions.


As described above, PFES’ client embarked on a collaborative renewable energy project to develop an innovative tri-gen production system. Being a younger entity, the client lacked robust project management processes, which posed significant challenges to the project. Recognizing the need for intervention to overcome these hurdles, the client sought our expertise.

PFES' reputation for excellence in project management consultancy, coupled with our proven track record of successfully revitalizing complex projects, made us the preferred partner.

Our Approach

Our engagement with the client began with a comprehensive assessment of their project management practices and project status leading to the design of tailored PM solutions addressing the client's specific challenges. Key initiatives included setting up project controls, implementing change management processes, enhancing risk mitigation strategies, and integrating scheduling tools to streamline project operations.

One of PFES' pivotal contributions was setting up the client’s Primavera P6 environment, an Oracle project management scheduling tool. This initiative greatly optimized project planning and scheduling, allowing for greater visibility and coordination with the tri-gen project and other projects across the organization.

PFES also provided extensive training and support to ensure the client's team could effectively utilize the new tools and processes.


With PFES' guidance, and a streamlined project management process, the client successfully realigned the project, mitigated risks, and improved project performance. They were also able to proactively address issues, conduct what-if scenarios, and optimize resource allocation. PFES' intervention not only rescued the project from its precarious state but also empowered the client to deliver the tri-gen production system within the stipulated timeframe and budget.

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April 16, 2024
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