PFES' estimating capabilities embody precision in every prediction, driving project success.

Comprehensive Estimating Solutions

At PFES, we're a global leader in strategic consulting for the Power Delivery, Power Generation, and Natural Gas Delivery sectors, distinguished by our commitment to transparency, collaboration, and innovation. Our Estimating services blend precision with foresight, leveraging proprietary methodologies and our team's vast industry experience to provide strategic estimates that drive effective project planning and execution.

By focusing on estimating policies, procedures, tools, guides, personnel, and standards, we ensure a comprehensive evaluation of resources and potential risks. This approach not only enhances project delivery but also directly contributes to cost savings, risk mitigation, and timeline optimization for our clients.

Integrated Strategies for Estimating Success

Our approach to project success draws upon the precision, efficiency, and innovation of our Estimating services, driving your projects toward excellence from inception to completion.

Empowering Projects through Continuous Improvement

By fostering standardization and championing continuous improvement, we leverage a vast pool of knowledge and industry best practices—including those from the American Association of Cost Engineers (AACE) and the Association of Professional Estimators (ASPE)—to elevate your project's success.
Our Estimating experts include:
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Cost Estimators
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Cost Engineers
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Benchmarking Specialists
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Estimating Project Managers
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Estimating Analysts
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Estimating Software Developers
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Risk Analysts
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