Owner Management Services for a Large Electric and Natural Gas Provider

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In 2018, PFES began serving as the prime Owner Management Services Representative for a large power delivery provider with over 1.5 million electric and natural gas customers across several Midwestern states. Among the services provided:

  • Program Management
  • Project Management
  • Project Controls
  • Owner’s Engineering
  • Construction Management
  • Process Evaluations & Assessments
  • Business Intelligence (data governance, project tracking/reporting, dashboard development)

The client's large portfolio of projects ranges from under $500,000 to over $55M and covers a blend of greenfield and brownfield projects encompassing substation, relay protection & controls, telecom, and high voltage transmission.

The total project portfolio value is roughly $450M, where PFES manages $300M annually, including new greenfield substations, new and rebuilding of transmission lines, wind and solar farm interconnections, and major equipment replacements (i.e., transformers, switchgear, power distribution centers, circuit breakers, telecom equipment, and relay replacements and upgrades).

Our Approach

Program and Project Management

PFES’ Program and Project Management team is responsible for full life-cycle management from planning through energization and closeout. PFES is fully responsible for managing scope, schedule, budget, quality, risk, and safety on behalf of the owner. This comprehensive approach to owner management services ensures that all aspects of project management align with the client’s strategic objectives.

Construction Management

PFES’ Construction Management (CM) team is responsible for construction planning and execution. PFES CMs have implemented construction best practices in pre-planning and execution, resulting in improved safety and quality oversight in the field. PFES leadership has influenced continuous improvement to each of the client's individual projects and overall program.

PFES routinely introduces a safety program during the engineering phase of the projects. In addition to front-end safety planning, PFES has deployed its skilled construction supervision staff to better assess and recognize hazards at the job sites resulting in fewer “at-risk” behaviors by the client's contractor partners.

PFES currently has construction managers deployed throughout the client’s footprint providing contractor leadership and oversight of both transmission and substation projects.

Our construction managers are responsible for all aspects of the project being executed in the field including, but not limited to, contractor safety, quality and adherence to specifications, construction progress and coordination, schedule input and oversight, change management and cost evaluation, contractor invoice review and approval, outage planning interface, risk identification and mitigation, as well as public relations in various counties and townships.

Project Controls and Forecasting

PFES’ Project Management team has provided significant contributions surrounding multiple substation projects with aggressive schedules from customers and in recovery mode to mitigate the cost and schedule risk. Services have included expediting critical equipment and materials along with strategic workarounds to allow for appropriate contractor craft staffing levels to minimize productivity loss. The PFES Project Managers have brought a new level of experience across the entire project lifecycle yielding lower costs and greater success for on-time delivery of the client's commitments, backed by robust owner management services.

PFES also developed an integrated cost forecasting process implemented earlier in the project life cycle, updated consistently and at a level of detail that brings greater accuracy to the program. The forecasting process supports a faster delivery model resulting in enhanced cost predictability and visibility to executive management. This has also allowed our client's leadership to evaluate and course-correct as needed to meet business objectives.

The Perfect Owner's Engineering Partner

Our team consists of industry heavyweights that bring substantial expertise to the table for our clients. We partner with you to reduce risk and uncertainty in your capital projects, delivering initiatives on time with significant cost savings while meeting industry and safety standards. Contact us today to find out how we can help.

May 9, 2024
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