Powering Arizona: Meeting the Demands of Rapid Growth

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In the arid desert landscape of Arizona, the importance of a reliable supply of electricity is as crucial as access to water. With its rapid population growth and the influx of businesses in recent years, Arizona has faced the challenge of meeting the demands of increasing demand for power. Here we explore how the flexibility and expertise of PFES has enabled Arizona’s major power companies to adapt and thrive in the face of unprecedented growth.

Arizona's Remarkable Growth

From a small city of less than 200,000 residents in 1950, the Phoenix area has experienced an astonishing surge in population, now boasting over 5 million people. The entire state of Arizona has also grown more than tenfold during this time. Such remarkable growth would not have been possible without significant advancements in Arizona's electric grid infrastructure. As the state continues to attract newcomers from California and other states, the Phoenix area alone is projected to reach 7.6 million residents by 2055. These projections underscore the demands of rapid growth on infrastructure.

Meeting the Challenges

Arizona has not only witnessed a population boom but has also become a hub for diverse businesses, including tech firms and top manufacturing companies. With the federal government incentivizing infrastructure for electric vehicles and mandating renewable energy requirements, the need for a swift and substantial upgrade to power generation, transmission, and delivery infrastructure has become paramount across the state. This transformation is largely driven by the demands of rapid growth.

Our Approach

PFES, with its consultative support and expertise, has played a crucial role in assisting Arizona's largest utilities in meeting these critical challenges. From building out higher capacity transmission infrastructure for electric vehicles to government mandates for more sustainable power generation, there is an immediate need to move forward with projects that could typically take decades to break ground on. As these utilities face this on top of overall increasing demands, PFES provides a rapid response with flexibility and scalability to help ensure that the required infrastructure is built, repaired, and upgraded efficiently. A consultative partner like PFES allows these utilities to avoid the time-consuming and expensive process of building in-house departments to meet these myriad demands of rapid growth.

For example, PFES Project Managers and Project Controls specialists oversee essential repairs, as well as the expansion of power and distribution lines that deliver electricity to homes and businesses in Arizona. PFES Construction Managers support Generating Plant Outages and Modifications. With ongoing projects worth $600- 700 million at any given time, PFES ensures the reliable and efficient delivery of electricity. PFES also provides Construction Management support.

PFES provides consultative engineering and electrical grid expertise to these utilities, helping them incorporate the latest technology and adapt to rapid changes in the energy industry. Additionally, PFES supports these utilities in achieving their emission reduction goals through the implementation of new solar and green energy projects.

Moreover, PFES provides Project Controls expertise, as well as Construction Management  support of the utility’s Generating Plant Outages and Modifications with Construction Management.

Powering the Future

PFES is helping these utilities meet the demands of transmission and distribution projects across the state that ensure a reliable, continuous supply of electricity to these rapidly growing residential and business populations. PFES supports them in managing system upgrades and maintenance during the winter months to ensure a reliable power supply during peak load demands in the summer. Additionally, PFES assists in the construction of substations required to meet this increased demand for energy.

The growth in Arizona's energy demands is not limited to traditional power sources. PFES is actively involved in the expansion of renewable energy projects, the electrification of transportation through charging infrastructure, and other initiatives aligned with the state's emission reduction goals. By continually adapting to new challenges and embracing technological advancements, PFES is positioned to play a vital role in powering Arizona's future.

Arizona's rapid growth necessitates a flexible and efficient power infrastructure. PFES, through its partnership with Arizona power companies, has provided the expertise, rapid response capabilities, and scalability required to meet these challenges head-on. As the state continues to evolve and expand, PFES remains committed to delivering reliable and sustainable power solutions, ensuring that Arizona's energy needs are met today and in the future.

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May 9, 2024
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